Mooloolah Public Hall

Mooloolah Public Hall

Mooloolah Hall interior

Hall kitchen

Mooloolah Public Hall
PO Box 6136 Mooloolah Valley, Qld 4553
42 Bray Road Mooloolah
phone: (07) 5494 7748, (07) 5494 7793 (general information)
phone: (07) 5494 7527 (bookings)

email: (Eileen Woodhouse – President)
phone: 5494 7748

email: (Bev Smith – Secretary)
phone: 5494 7793


History of Mooloolah Public Hall

There is no clear date of when the building of the Mooloolah Public Hall began, but newspaper articles of 1904 quoted local fruit growers as saying “as there were builders in their midst, there should be no problem in building a hall before their next yearly meeting.”

The Hall was officially opened with a dance in 1905. Mr Thomas Hall donated the land (to be held in trust for the people of Mooloolah and districts) and this remains in place today.

In 1910 the first official Trustees were appointed – they managed the hall for the next 80 years. In 1993 the hall became incorporated, the trustees were replaced by an elected committee.

The Hall has been used consistently within the community with balls, dances, weddings, school concerts and fancy dress balls, flower shows, parties, Sunday School, Kindergarten, general public meetings and all local social events. Weekly community groups use the Hall (yoga, wellness, dance, craft).

Over the past 110+ years the Hall has undergone several upgrades, improvements and extensions as the community has grown.

It is a hall for the people to rent for all occasions. All monies received in rental are used to maintain the hall. All ‘Friends of the Hall’ are volunteers.

Enquiries regarding the hall can be made by phoning 5494 7793 and bookings 5494 7527.

Festival events:
Friday 4th August,   9am – 4pm
Saturday 5th August,   9am – 4pm

50 years of Mooloolah Memories

Cost: free

Contact: Eileen Woodhouse (President)
phone: 5494 7748

Contact: Bev Smith (Secretary)
phone: 5494 7793

“50 years of Mooloolah Memories” is an exhibition of events and happenings within the community during the past 50 years. Local groups, essential services and community information groups have been invited to present an exhibition to show the part they have played in this community during the years 2017 backwards towards 1967. In 1967 Mooloolah was a sleepy village with a very small population. In 2017 it has grown considerably in population as well as homes and businesses.

Mooloola’s flyer advertising their event.

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