Ridgewood Hall

Ridgewood Hall

Ridgewood Community Hall
2 Donnellys Road, Ridgewood
Post: 1327 Belli Creek Rd, Ridgewood 4563
Phone: (07) 5447 9308
email: meltharina@gmail.com
website: www.roundtheridges.com

Ridgewood Hall was built in 1935 and is used today for a number of community events, including a monthly community BBQ, annual community Pig on the Spit; weekly ladies morning tea; weekly yoga and fitness classes; the annual Photo Fair regional photographic competition; ANZAC Day. It is popular for weddings as the interior has been beautifully restored with timber wall and ceiling lining, heritage paintwork, quality stage fittings, and a wide verandah with a view over the surrounding farmlands.

Festival event: Sunday, 10th September,   3pm – 5pm

Music at the Hall

Cost: $2 per person

Contact: Brian Jones 0417721467 or email meltharina@gmail.com

A wonderful afternoon of entertainment with Folk, Modern Jazz, Gypsy, Blue Grass Country, and Light Classical music provided by high quality, local singers and musicians.

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